Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Death of Presidency

what did Prathiba Patil did during her term instead of inaugurating the unnecessary buildings and projects started by congress, visiting place for site-seeing instead of understating the needs of the people  . Being the supreme head of the defence can’t respond to the situation of national interest when she was required to respond quickly . Will be written  in history as the first  president of Indian who has criminal cases filed against her.

what do you think , is she the right kind of president India need at the current situation.

what can she do to improver her image ?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Features missed in Windows 7

smile_baringteethThe Photo Gallery in Windows  Vista was one of the best feature which won the customers heart. But the removal of photo gallery form windows 7 was shocking  , instead download it as a live essential download. Adding it in the windows installation will cause no harm to windows and doesn’t increase the code much . It eased the menace behind  basic photo which previous editions of windows had . It would help people who doesn’t have internet connection if they include it in the future releases of Winodws 7

Windows 7 opened the window of opportunity

Microsoft faced lots of criticism for the way they developed Windows vista trashing people expectation . But certainly Windows 7 will help Microsoft to regain the customer confidence if -

-they were able to  maintain the sole spirit of windows in which people believe

-they they don’t try some thing extraordinary like the way they   changed longhorn to vista

- they still improve the bootup speed

- better pricing

- live up to people’s expectation

In certain way they proved that Microsoft is the supreme Emperor of the operating system world by providing the looks of Mac, security of linux  and the features of windows.